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Our Consultants are available to work with you on virtually all forms of written or spoken communication, whether for your job search or a class. Some examples of the types of things we work with students on include:

  • Behavioral mock interviews (including brainstorming stories and answers)
  • Case interview practice.  Please see the important information below regarding casing.
  • Class presentations (individual and team; story-lining, delivery, and visual aids)
  • Resumes
  • Cover lettes
  • Case Competitions (PowerPoint decks and delivery practice)
  • Networking skills and communication
  • Phone and video interviews
  • Cooperative review of written classwork
  • ESL Practice

Important note about case interviews: In general, we aim to be generalists who can help anybody, regardless of industry. However, many of our Consultants are trained to give practice consulting-style case interviews. If you would like to do a case interview, please be sure to only book an appointment with those Consultants who offer casing. On the schedule, you’ll see an option to “limit to

You can schedule an appointment here.